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ESF International Schools
Bauhinia School (ESF)
(Primary School)  Wah Kiu Rd, Lai Yiu Estate, Kwai Chung, NT  (Tel: 2624 4110)

Beacon Hill School (ESF)
(Primary School)  23 Ede Rd, Kln Tong, Kln  (Tel: 2336 5221)

Bradbury Junior School (ESF)
(Primary School)  43C Stubbs Rd, Mid-Levels, HK  (Tel: 2574 8249)

Clearwater Bay School (ESF)
(Primary School)  DD 229, Lot 235, Clearwater Bay Rd, Sai Kung, NT  (Tel: 2358 3221)

English Schools Foundation (ESF)
(Primary & Secondary School)  43 Stubbs Rd, Mid-Levels, HK  (Tel: 2574 2531)

Glenealy Junior School (ESF)
(Primary School)  7 Hornsey Rd, Mid-Levels, HK  (Tel: 2522 1919)

Island School (ESF)
(Secondary School)  20 Borrett Rd, Mid-Levels, HK  (Tel: 2524 7135)

Jockey Club Sarah Roe School (ESF)
(Primary & Secondary School)  2B Tin Kwong Rd, Homantin, Kln  (Tel: 2761 9893)

Kennedy School (ESF)
(Primary School)  19 Sha Wan Drive, Pokfulam, HK  (Tel: 2855 0711)

King George Vth School (ESF)
(Secondary School)  2 Tin Kwong Rd, Homantin, Kln  (Tel: 2711 3029)

Kowloon Junior School (ESF)
(Primary School)  20 Perth St, Mongkok, Kln  (Tel: 2714 5279)
(Primary School)  4 Rose St, Yau Yat Chuen, Kln  (Tel: 2394 0687)

Peak School (ESF)
(Primary School)  20 Plunketts Rd, The Peak, HK  (Tel: 2849 7211)

Quarry Bay School (ESF)
(Primary School)  6 Hau Yuen Path, Braemar Hill, North Point, HK  (Tel: 2566 4242)

Shatin College (ESF)
(Secondary School)  3 Lai Wo Lane, Fo Tan, Shatin, NT  (Tel: 2699 1811)

Shatin Junior School (ESF)
(Primary School)  Lai Wo Lane, Fo Tan, Shatin, NT  (Tel: 2692 2721)

South Island School (ESF)
(Secondary School)  50 Nam Fung Rd, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen, HK  (Tel: 2555 9313)

West Island School (ESF)
(Secondary School)  250 Victoria Rd, Pokfulam, HK  (Tel: 2819 1962)

Non-ESF / Private Independent International Schools

American International School
(Primary & Secondary School)  G/F-1/F, 123-125 Waterloo Rd, Kln Tong, Kln  (Tel: 2336 3812)

Australian International School
(Primary & Secondary School)  3A Norfolk Rd, Kln Tong, Kln  (Tel: 2304 6078)

California School
3/F, Front Blk, Lung Ma Bldg, 550 Nathan Rd, Yaumatei, Kln  (Tel: 2388 9844)
1/F, Arcade, Unit 3, Yuk Lung Mansion, 18 Fung Kam St, Yuen Long, NT  (Tel: 2474 3364)

Canadian International School
(Primary & Secondary School)  36 Nam Long Shan Rd, Aberdeen, HK  (Tel: 2525 7088)

Carmel School Hong Kong
(Pre-school)  Jewish Community Ctr, next to Ohel Leah Synagogue, 3-4/F, 1 Robinson Place, 70 Robinson Rd, Mid-Levels, HK  (Tel: 2249 7600)
(Primary & Middle School)  10 Borrett Rd, Mid-Levels, HK  (Tel: 2964 1600)

Chinese International School
(Primary & Secondary School)  1 Hau Yuen Path, Braemar Hill, I.L. 8743, North Point, HK  (Tel: 2512 5915)

Christian Alliance P.C. Lau Memorial International School
(Kindergarten, Primary & Secondary School)  2 Fu Ning St, Ma Tau Chung Rd, Ma Tau Wai, Hunghom, Kln  (Tel: 2713 3253)

Concordia International School Hong Kong
(Secondary School)  G-3/F & Rm 301, 68 Begonia Rd, Yau Yat Chuen, Kln  (Tel: 2397 6576)

Delia School of Canada
(Primary School)  8 Kent Rd, Kln Tong, Kln  (Tel: 2336 7331)
(Primary & Secondary School)  G/F & 4/F, Hang Sang Mansion, Tower T-11, Tai Fung Avenue, Taikoo Shing, Quarry Bay, HK  (Tel: 2885 4786)

Discovery Bay International School
(Kindergarten & Primary School)  Discovery Bay, Lantau Island  (Tel: 2987 7331)

French International School
Lycee Francais International 'Victor Segalen'
(Kindergarten & Primary Sections)  34 Price Rd, Jardine's Lookout, HK  (Tel: 2577 6218)
(Secondary Section)  165 Blue Pool Rd, Happy Valley, HK  (Tel: 2577 6217)

The German Swiss International School
Deutsch-Schweizerische Internationale Schule
(Kindergarten, Primary & Secondary School)  11 Guildford Rd, The Peak, HK  (Tel: 2849 6216)

HKMA David Li Kwok Po College
(Secondary School)  8 Hoi Wang Rd, Mongkok, West Kln  (Tel: 2626 9100)

Hong Kong Academy Primary School
(Kindergarten & Primary School)  4/F, Chung On Hall, 15 Stubbs Rd, Mid-Levels, HK  (Tel: 2575 8282)

Hong Kong Adventist Academy
(College Secondary Section)  1111 Clearwater Bay Rd, Clearwater Bay, Sai Kung, NT  (Tel: 2251 6670)

The Hong Kong International School
(Primary School)  6 & 23 South Bay Close, Repulse Bay, HK  (Tel: 2812 2305)
(Middle/High School)  1 Red Hill Rd, Tai Tam, HK  (Tel: 2813 9211)

Hong Kong Japanese School
(Primary Section)  157 Blue Pool Rd, Happy Valley, HK  (Tel: 2574 5479)
(Secondary Section)  9 Hau Yuen Path, Braemar Hill Rd, North Point, HK  (Tel: 2566 5427)
Hong Kong Poinsettia Primary School
(Primary School)  Shop 4-8, 1/F, Yuk Lung Mansions, 18 Fung Kam St, NT  (Tel: 2445 2319)

The Hong Lok Yuen International School
(Kindergarten & Primary School)  3 Twentieth St, Hong Lok Yuen, Tai Po, NT  (Tel: 2658 6935)

The Independent Schools Foundation Academy (ISF)
(Primary & Secondary School)  373 Queen's Rd East, Wanchai, HK  (Tel: 2202 2000)
Indonesian School
3-6/F, Foremost Bldg, 127-129 Leighton Rd, Causeway Bay, HK  (Tel: 2890 3602)
International Christian Quality Music Secondary & Primary School
182 Po Kong Village Rd, School Village, Diamond Hill, Kln  (Tel: 2777 3828)

International Christian School
(Kindergarten)  UG45C, Fisherman's Wharf, 8 Laguna Verde Ave, Hunghom, Kln  (Tel: 2304 6808)
(Elementary School)  Jubilee Court Shopping Ctr, 5/F, 2-8 Lok King St, Fotan, Shatin, NT  (Tel: 2304 6808)
(Secondary School)  45-47 Grampian Rd, Kln City, Kln  (Tel: 2338 9606)

The International Montessori School
(Kindergarten & Primary School)  1/F, 29-31 Queen's Rd East, Wanchai, HK  (Tel: 2861 0339)

Japanese International School
(Primary School)  4663 Tai Po Rd, Tai Po Kau, Tai Po, NT  (Tel: 2834 3531)

Kellet School Hong Kong
(Primary School)  2 Wah Fu Lok Path, Wah Fu Estate, Pokfulam, HK  (Tel: 2551 8234)

Kiangsu & Chekiang Primary School
(Primary)  30 Ching Wah St, North Point, HK  (Tel: 2570 4594)
(Secondary School)  20 Braemar Hill Rd, North Point, HK  (Tel: 2570 4594)

Kingston International Primary School
(Primary School)  113 Waterloo Rd, Kln Tong, Kln  (Tel: 2337 9031)

Korean International School
(Primary & Secondary School)  55 Lei King Rd, Sai Wan Ho, HK  (Tel: 2569 5500)

Lantau International School
(Primary School)  D328, 93 Tong Fuk Village, Lantau Island  (Tel: 2980 3676)

Li Cheng UK Government School (Government)
(Primary School)  Li Cheng UK, Shamshuipo, Kln  (Tel: 2386 8486)
Suite 604, 6/F, Chinachem Hollywood Ctr, 1-13 Hollywood Rd, Central, HK  (Tel: 2524 5503)
Li Po Chun United World College
(Secondary School)  10 Lok Wo Sha Lane, Sai Sha Rd, Shatin, NT  (Tel: 2640 0441)

Norweigan International School
(Kindergarten & Primary School)  Tai Po Bungalow, 175 Kwong Fuk Rd, Tai Po, NT  (Tel: 2658 0341)

Phoenix International School & Renaissance College
(Primary & Secondary School)  5 Tonkin St, Cheung Sha Wan, Kln  (Tel: 2708 2239)
Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School
6 Caldecott Rd, Piper's Hill, Kln Tong, Kln  (Tel: 2148 2052)
SEA Canadian Overseas Secondary School
G/F-2/F, 166-166A Boundary St, Kln Tong, Kln  (Tel: 2336 1116)
Sear Rogers International School
(Kindergarten & Primary School)  155 Argyle St, Mongkok, Kln  (Tel: 2338 8931)
(Primary School)  Podium E, 4/F, Riviera Gardens, Tsuen Wan, NT  (Tel: 2408 2861)
(Primary & Secondary School)  1-3/F, On Fung Bldg, 110-118 Caine Rd, Mid-Levels, HK  (Tel: 2547 5479)

Singapore International School
(Primary School)  23 Nam Long Shan Rd, Aberdeen, HK  (Tel: 2872 0266)

Sir Ellis Kadoorie Primary & Secondary School (Government)
(Primary School)  9 Eastern Hospital Rd, So Kon Po, Causeway Bay, HK  (Tel: 2577 3489)
(Secondary School)  22 Hoi Fan Rd, Tai Kok Tsui, Kln  (Tel: 2576 1871)

South Bend International School
(Secondary School)  1/F, Luen Shing Bldg, 118-120 Queen's Rd, Central, HK  (Tel: 2521 4954)
Springboard Project
2/A, 122 Pokfulam Rd, Pokfulam, HK  (Tel: 2813 4508)
Starters Schools
1B, 2C, 12-22 Queen's Rd East, Wanchai, HK  (Tel: 2527 8676)
1D-E, 3 Tai Hang Rd, Causeway Bay, HK  (Tel: 2577 9328)
St Paul's Convent School
6/F, 140 Leighton Rd, Causeway Bay, HK  (Tel: 2895 5317)
Sunshine House International Preparatory School
Seaview Crescent, 8 Waterfront Rd, Tung Chung, Lantau Island  (Tel: 2259 4000)
Think International School
117 Boundary St, Kln Tong, Kln  (Tel: 2338 3949)

Umah International Primary School
(Primary School)  Fung Chi Tsuen, Wang Chau, Yuen Long, NT  (Tel: 2446 1258)
(Office)  Rm 223, Oi Yee House, Yau Oi Estate, Tuen Mun, NT  (Tel: 2618 3172)

Victoria English Primary School
4/F, Tower 17-18, Kam Shan Mansion, Tai Fung Rd, Taikoo Shing, Quarry Bay, HK  (Tel: 2560 1710)

Victoria Shanghai Academy
(Primary 1-2)  7 Eastern Hospital Rd, Causeway Bay, HK  (Tel: 2576 8830)
(Primary 3-6, Secondary 1)  30 Oi Kwan Rd, Wanchai, HK  (Tel: 2893 6373)

Woodland Group of Pre-Schools
[Tai Tam]  Woodland Tai Tam Montessori Pre-School
G/F, Red Hill Plaza, 3 Red Hill Rd, Tai Tam, HK  (Tel: 2525 1655)
[Mid-Level]  Woodland Mid-Levels Montessori Pre-School
119 Caine Rd, Mid-Levels, HK  (Tel: 2549 1211)
[Repulse Bay Montessori]  Woodland Montessori Pre-School Repulse Bay
G/F, The Repulse Bay, 109 Repulse Bay Rd, Repulse Bay, HK  (Tel: 2803 1885)
[Happy Valley]  Woodland Happy Valley Pre-School
2 Hawthorn Rd, Happy Valley, HK  (Tel: 2575 0042)
[Wanchai]  Woodland International School Wanchai
1/F, Tang Shiu Kin Bldg, 34 Oi Kwan Rd, Wanchai, HK  (Tel: 2559 1377)
[The Peak]  Woodland The Peak Pre-School
81 Peak Rd, The Peak, HK  (Tel: 2849 6192)
[Wah Fu]  Woodland Pokfulam Pre-School
G/F, Commercial Complex, Wah Fu II, Wah Fu Rd, Pokfulam, HK  (Tel: 2551 7177)
[Repulse Bay]  Woodland Repulse Bay Pre-School
98 Repulse Bay Rd, Repulse Bay, HK  (Tel: 2812 0274)
[Chi Fu]  Panda Playgroup
H-2, G/F, Chi Fu Fa Yuen, Pokfulam, HK  (Tel: 2551 7128)
[Pokfulam]  Woodland Playgroup
G/F, Scenic Villas, 18-20 Scenic Villas Drive, Pokfulam, HK  (Tel: 2872 6138)

Yew Chung HK International School
(Kindergarten)  3 Somerset Rd, Kln Tong, Kln  (Tel: 2338 0264)
(Primary Section)  2 Kent Rd, Kln Tong, Kln  (Tel: 2338 8774)
(Secondary Section)  6 Caldecott Rd, Piper's Hill, Kln Tong, Kln  (Tel: 2336 3443)

Teach me to walk and I shall run
Teach me to look and I shall see
Teach me to hear and I shall listen
Teach me to sing and I shall rejoice
For your instructions are imprinted in my mind
And your shared experiences I shall keep
What I have learned, I shall treasure
And by learning to fly
I shall soar!"

- Donna L. Clovis

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